Sports Illustrated has released their top 100BA players heading into the 2017 season and number one player one the list was champion LeBron James. There was a lot of discussion about which player should be on the top of this list, but in the end, we had our winner. Best analytics made this the easiest decision solely monitoring his contribution on the defense and offense as well. Here are a couple of reasons why he was our number one player and why are Duran and Curry on second and third spot on this list.

 Number One


As the season was unfolding analysts thought that this was going to be a pretty tough debate. Should LeBron be in the first spot or Curry, or Durant but LeBron James made it easy for them to decide with his statistics. We all remember when he came flying from half court to block that shot in the finals, and clinched the comeback from the 31 deficit; he is still a clear winner way above guys like Curry and Durant. At least regarding general contribution and effort on the court.

 Why Durant Deserves 2nd place on this List?


So LeBron is definitely number one, no question about it. But placing second best and third best on SI’s list is where thing start to become a little tricky. So obviously Durant is number two player on this list and the unanimous NVP-step Curry on third place, so why was Durant over Curry? If we closely examine the performance of this two players is all comes to a couple of things that make Durant better over Curry. Number one reason is probably versatility, and especially on the defense. Kevin has a lot of ground to cover, and he does it well. He can guard multiple positions, and he can also step out on guard in the pick and roll situations. We actually saw him defend Curry in times of the playoffs and he was pretty effective at it.

 Curry’s Third Spot Explained


Curry is a guy who although performs well on the offense is pretty much only for that positions. In a lot of situations, coaches know that they need to preserve his energy and that is why they use him as a weapon only in critical situations. Another reason why he is bellow Durant is due to his multiple injuries over the years. Now when a professional player in NBA, like Curry, has health problems it takes a lot of effort to come back to the previous level. He simply wasn’t able to return as the same player after the injuries, and that is totally acceptable if we notice the gravity of the situation and how serious were the injuries. It goes without mentioning that Sports Illustrated know what they are doing when they score players. This is why we have no objections to their decision to place these three players on this list as top three.