For a team to be successful, it takes a lot more that getting a bunch of players with high rankings on the field. The strategy is, as we all know, pretty much essential for a football team to become successful over the year. The man responsible for transfers and the number of strategies per season is the coach of course. And recent events and transfers of football player added a bit of doubt in capabilities of many coaches. So let’s see what players were transferred to another team and under which conditions.

 Zlatan’s Transfer


Sometimes Manchester United manages to get all the headlines, all thanks to the man, the legend- Zlatan Ibrahimovic. French media claimed that Manchester has offered a suite to Zlatan, which includes a one-year deal and a possibility of another year deal, depending on Zlatan’s contribution to the team. However, Zlatan wasn’t ready to join Manchester United until he was assured that Mourinho is the next coach. And for 69 million euros, his decision was clear to finally get a transfer to Manchester United.

 James Rodrigues from Real Madrid

Being that Mourinho is a big public fan of James, it was not a surprise that this transfer was made for a price of astonishing 70 million pounds. Being that this is a huge salary even for professional players, James Rodrigues has a lot to prove and right now not all can agree that he is on the right path.

Di Maria’s Transfer

Angel di Maria agreed to transfer for 70 million euros. Fresh from winning the champion’s league with Real Madrid, Manchester United broke their transfer record to bring Di Maria in 2014. And with two goals and two assists in first few matches Argentinian has a great beginning. But a series of injuries and an incident involving a burglar invading his house made this move leave a bitter taste.

The Legend Zinedine Zidane and his transfer


One of the greatest players of all time was bargained for 75 million euros for his transfer. He was an instant success for Real Madrid but ultimately couldn’t stand the competition and unleash the full potential of his abilities in later games. The biggest problem was his years and some injuries that he endured in the past. Whether or not this transfer was worth it, is for Real Madrid fans to decide.

No matter how much money is invested in a player’s transfer, there is a number of things that can affect his play on the field. And with many examples, before we know how hard is it to match all those circumstances in order to get the full potential of a player. Not every player is worth the money their managers claim them to be and not every team is making a smart decision by investing enormous amount on seemingly worthy players. At the end of the day, it all becomes transparent as player’s contributions to the team show if the transfer was worth it or not.