Baseball’s Finest- Top 10 Prospects

Baseball’s Finest- Top 10 Prospects

With a lot of players graduating to the major league, players having disappointing minor league season, while other players are having great minor league season a lot can change in the top 10 prospects over the course of a year.
So let us sum it up, and include other analyst’s predictions to determine what top 10 is going to look a year from now. So let’s see who can be number one in prospects.

Jim Callis’s point of view

It is evident that a lot can change as we’ve mentioned before, but only if we look at the recent history and the last few list we might get a better insight at the situation. Traditionally a guy who is number one at the season’s end is the guy who is going to be in top ten at the next season’s rankings. Using that logic to figure out what our list is going to look like at the end of 2016’s season, there is basically four guys who will not be transferred from previous season’s list to this one’s. Those four guys are Brendon Rogers, Austin Meadows, Victor Robles and Wilin Rosario. And the number one prospect, as many predict, at the end of 2016’s season will be Victor Robles.

Victor Robles


He might be fairly young, only 19 years, but he might have the best tools to become a great player in Baseball minor’s league. Judging by his success so far and his defense capabilities, Victor Robles is the number one guy prospect in a year from now. If you only follow his success from last year, you will most certainly get the image that he is an average player. Many baseball analysts will disagree as he is growing to be what is considered as a perfect player in baseball. At least in minor’s league.

There are many players that can prove themselves over the year and earn their spot in the top 5 players of the season, but few succeed. This takes a lot of effort and time to perfect your technique in order to be recognized by professionals. Baseball is a game that is infused with American spirit and tradition. It goes without saying that in order to become a top player you have to win the crowd as well as perform good enough to be noticed. Many talent agents know how important is to win a crowd even in the early stages of the career. This is why they include player’s overall score, general contribution to the team, offense and defense capabilities before they pick him for transfer.